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Here is a selection of my most popular workshops and courses. Ranging from presenting yourself, team-building or an Improvisation course.

If you would like a tailor made workshop or course, then let me know here! or via Facebook! I'm sure we can find something to fit your need!


Present the best you can be!

Having trouble presenting yourself? Do you get very nervous? Don't know what to say? Or just want to get better? Then join one of my workshops in how to become a better presenter. Learn in an interactive way how to not only become better but feel better! Get comfortable in public speaking, relax and know where your strength and weaknesses are. Want to know more? Click here and present yourself to me!

Creativity workshop

Lost the creativity in you or your team? Can't come up with new ideas? Stuck in the old, no idea what the new is? Lets go on a creative journey, where we explore all the ideas to find one (or more) that could suit your need. Through exercises and assignments, we will be opening up your mind and showing you that there is no "box".  You will surprise yourself how creative you can be, with the right tools. Sounds good? Contact me here and lets get creative!

Team-building Improvisation

Working together in a team but feel disconnected? Who are you really working with? How well do you know your colleagues? Or just looking for a super fun and new way of bonding? Then why not try an improvisation workshop for team-building. Together we will explore different sides of the people you work with, we will laugh, we will cry, we will have success, we will fail but in the end we will make a deeper connection. Step out of your comfort zone, show who you are and start playing! Want to know more? Click here and lets start connecting.

Team-building Bootcamp

Working out together in a challenging way, start bonding with these team oriented sport exercises. Make a deeper connection with each other and get fit at the same time! Are you excited? Click here and lets get physical!

English improvisation course level 1: Let the Lion out!

Have you thought about following a professional Improvisation course, leading up to a performance in front of your family and friends?

Then I have great news for you!!!!

I teach a level 1 Improvisation course of 7 weeks of fun ,laughter, learning and experiencing IMPROVISATION.

What can this bring me, you ask? Well THIS:

·  You will step out of your comfort zone

·  You will learn how to present yourself

·  You will think faster and on the spot

·  You will surprise yourself by the things you're capable of

·  You will learn how to listen and respond

·  You will get out of your head and into your body

·  You will improve your posture and voice

·  You will learn how to perform on stage

·  You will perform in front of a live audience

·  You will learn it all by having FUN

·  You will also learn many many many more secrets that will only be revealed in this course!

Does this spark your interest?

This course will begin with a minimum of 6 people and maximum of 12!

If you have any questions then head on over to the contact form or message me directly on Facebook!

Improvisation course level 2: Train the Lion!

Coming soon!

Improvisation course level 3: Unleash the beast!

Coming soon!

Improvisation for Kids

Coming soon!