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Laurens v/d Linden

My name is Laurens van der Linden, Improviser, Personal Trainer and Coach.

I have always been on the journey of finding myself and what I love to do. I have three passions in life: Improvisational Theater, Sports and Teaching others to become the best version of themselves!

My journey started in Amsterdam studying Sports Management & Business. During my studies I encountered many sports and weightlifting was one of my primary sports. I discovered the benefits of physical training combined with active coaching on the personal development of individuals. My vision in personal development is based around: You decide what you want to develop and find the best of the best way or person to help you.

After many years of working with different kind of clients and professionals, I decided to take a leap of faith. This leap lead me into Improvisational Theater, something totally different from my current work field. Quickly I started adapting the skills I learned to helping people develop in new ways. As I see the effects on me and the people I train, I decided that I want to make this into the work I do today!

Flash forward to today, I'm using a fusion of techniques I learned from Personal Training, Coaching and Applied Improvisation to help you be the best you can be. Also to further my love for Improvisation, I co-founded Chili con Comedy Eindhoven to make Improvisation great in Eindhoven!

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